Top 8 Ways to Make Money with Photography

make money online wiht photography

Photography is the corner stone of family albums and event memories and in our social media world, it’s also the most commonly shared and meme’d tool available.  While professional photographers are charge thousands of dollars to photograph weddings, graduations and portraits, the hobbyist can turn their hobby into income in these lucrative ways.

Top 8 Ways to make money with your Photography Hobby

Photo Postcards:  I live in a lake community, not a vacation community, but a full year-round everyone drives to the office lake community.  And there are a number of local stores that offer interesting things.   Imagine, if you took a lovely set of photos of the surrounding area, you could print them and sell them at the local shops!  Your only challenge would be pricing them to sell, but everyone LOVE to share how great their town is…  My favorite place to print high quality products is  They are more expensive then Vistaprint, or staples but the quality is top notch! Turn Your Hobby Into Online Income

Photo NotecardsSimilar to postcards, notecards are popular because they allow individuals to share their lovely town or surroundings in a kind of “see how great I have it” way.  Most people like to brag, and photo notecards (especially if they showcase a local area) are very popular. Find a local shop and drop off a set of 10. You can easily create lovely handmade packaging with string and envelopes.

Head Shots: Any drama club enthusiast will tell you that HEAD SHOTS are expensive, and for middle school or high school students with little or no income, they are impossible to afford.  Offering to take inexpensive head shots and then emailing the digital photo, costs you nothing but your time and expertise, plus fills a specific niche market.  You can also seek free advertising at local performing arts schools.

make money online wiht photography
make money online wiht photography

Social Media Art: Meme’s are pictures that are funny because of the text.  Take you dog or cat (or your neighbors) and take some pictures.  Their expressions are great, then couple that with silly or sarcastic words and you’ve got a winner.  Now, market your meme’s online or to a specific industry. If you’re doing animals think about the groomers in your area that may be interested in jump starting their social media presence… or vets or animal shelters.

Sporting Events:  The great thing about making money with sporting events pictures is you can take the pictures and select a few really great photos, then offer them to the parents of the child.  They may or may not want the photos, but chances are if you’re photos are showcasing their kid, and you’re price is right, you’ll make money on your time investment. There’s not other monetary output because you can send the parent the pictures digitally.

Store Front Photography: This is particularly perfect around a holiday. Your photos will have to be unique and artistic while conveying the message of the business.  Take the picture first, and offer it to the business as a high quality photo for their advertisements, holiday cards and mailers or social media.

Fine Art: Use your photo editing software to create amazing and fantastical scenes and images that create an emotional response in anyone that see’s them.  Sell your art at flea markets or in a boutique.  Big Prints are inexpensive through Walmart photo store.  Google Print Posters and you’ll find sites like: which will provide fast and reliable prints for your artistic endeavors.

Sell your Photos Online: This is easier said than done, and for some… because of the shear magnitude of photographers already out there online, it’s not done at all. however, I want to suggest, that you are unique and there is enough room for everyone.  Start your own Photoblog, and offer your photos free.  You can make money on the backend, NOT with the photo’s

make money online wiht photography
make money online wiht photography

but with affiliate links and search advertising. (learn more about that here: wealthy affiliate)

Photography is a rewarding hobby and for every 8 ideas I could provide to you, another 10 occur to me: Events, Editing, Burning to DVD’s, Birthday Cards, Invitations, Insurance Photography, Medical Photography… and more.

One last comment. If you want to really make money, understand the leverage you have with your photography. Like an author who earns royalties when his books are sold, your photography has the potential for ongoing, residual income.  After all, you only need to take the picture once.  That one picture can sell over and over, so understanding how to leverage your time and market your photos is key

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