How to make money with Blog Comments

make money with your comments

In a world where content is king and posts and pictures sway opinions, how can a personal blogger carve out a small slice of the great big online pie?  A company called DISQUS has a suggestion: commenting.

Recently while researching a membership platform called (SubHub-I’ll write about that later) I was setting up my free trial and found an area with 3 integrations.  Mailchimp (which I love and use all the time), Google Captcha (which I have a love/hate relationship with) and a new one: Disqus.

And because I have always found my very best and most cutting edge tools by looking at what other people use, I said to myself, “Self, what is this disqus of which they speak?”

Disqus promises to do several things for your website:

  1. Increase Traffic to your site
  2. Increase revenue by allow you to earn income on affiliate marketing within disqusmake money with your comments
  3. Installs easily on over 20 different platforms (WordPress Included)
  4. Works everywhere and is automatically optimized for all devices
  5. 70 languages
  6. Easily moderation all comments across several websites
  7. easy analytics viewed across several websites
  8. comment spam filter

Here’s what I found online in looking at this solution for online income.

FIRST, you can’t automatically make money.  You have to be accepted into the Reveal portion of this platform, which occurs after you’ve registered and they’ve reviewed your site.  (Today I installed disqus, I’m going to see how it goes and see if this site which I started in December will make it onto their reveal platform) According to the description, Reveal  will allow the website publisher (aka blogger) control which types of ads are displayed and when, which is more that I can say Google Adsense does.

SECOND, there’s a LOT of bad press out there on the web about this product and platform.  Most of the people yelling about

easy to turn off disqus affiliate setting
easy to turn off disqus affiliate setting

this platform don’t like the affiliate ads.   I don’t understand what all the yelling is about, because it’s VERY easy to turn it off.  Yes, I said that, if you don’t want to have any ads in your online comment conversations… then you simply remove the check box that says”remove affiliate links”.  It’s really that simple.  However… there are other cons.

For instance not everyone may want to “log in” to leave a comment.  In fact, in my own experience… I like to just comment, the whole ‘registration’ thing seems a little… pushy.  Playing devil’s advocate here, Disqus makes it incredibly easy to login both on a PC or any other device by providing links to social media for login purposes.  (like nearly everything else).


I like the idea of Disqus.  I think a community of people with their unique interests exchanging comments and information is a wonderful idea and I imagine it working very well at helping increase traffic and website visibility on the major search engines.

I like that it’s easy to register to leave comments and as the website publisher, even easier to moderate.

I like that there is an opportunity to use your website engagement and comment area as an additional stream of income.

list of things I like about disqus
list of things I like about disqus

(Probably anyway, I just signed up and I’m waiting for the site approval)

I like that there is a website analytics tool, that clearly shows me the post engagement across the board on all of my registered websites.

I like that it EASILY integrates with wordpress. (seriously, it’s a plugin)

I don’t like having to wait to see if I am approved for Reveal.

I don’t like that there isn’t any “referral juice” no incentive really to get people signed up except to invite them to join a huge community of like minded people. …. hey……. maybe…….  🙂

Mostly I like disqus and the idea of disqus and feel like as a “prolific commenter on other sites” being part of this community might be like finding my people.  As a website publisher, I’m curious to see if it does increase traffic to my site. … We shall see….

I’ll keep you posted, and update this Post when I hear back about Reveal

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!





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  1. Hi Chris,

    it is very interesting topic. Originally I had no idea that there is something like Disqus. But I am not sure if I understand correctly what exactly Disqus is. Is it something like plugin for wordpress site which people can use instead of classical comments? Can I use it to get more comments on my website? How does it drives more traffic to the website?

    Thanks for your answers!


    • Hi David. It’s a commenting and moderating portal. With a whole community of people who are engaged in conversations across multiple platforms.. very cool, right?

  2. I have heard of Disqus before, but never exactly knew what it was until I found your post. I certainly find it a good platform for getting some real good comments. And as we know comments are very crucial to increase the authoritativeness of any website, so at some point I might consider exploring it properly, thank you for this informative post!

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