Getting Started

If you’re like me, you have spent hour after hour watching webinars and tutorials all supposedly designed to help you turn your expertise into an online empire, but time and time again, you fail.  It’s not you, it’s the systems you’re trying. They are designed to make money for the people selling you the systems, and lucky few that are able to fit their unique talents into the mold.  I mean, look at it this Turn Your Hobby Into Online Income

way, I mean, just because you go to the library doesn’t mean you want to write a book… but many people make a good income writing books.   So, not every opportunity is for everyone.

If you’ve tried selling your products online and failed, then you are going to want to read this post in it’s entirety.   First, if you’re like me, you might want me to cut to the chase (but I already told you that you’d need to read this in it’s entirety… however, I wouldn’t want to, so I’m not going to force you) I will say that if you’re looking for the source of all of the information I’m going to give you, I’m going to need to ask you wait a few more paragraphs.

You see… I want to get you up to speed and make sure that you’re ahead of the learning curve before I tell you too much.  In other words, I’m going to show you how you can turn your hobby into online Turn Your Hobby Into Online Incomeincome, but honestly…  You’re not really going to be making that thing you make and selling it… in fact, you’re going to be spending more time talking about and writing about your hobby then anything else.

So, before you decide that I’m full of crap… I want you to imagine you are new to your hobby.  Let’s say it’s knitting, let’s imagine that you are new to knitting and you’re looking for easy tutorials to help you get started. Maybe even a glossary or definitions or knots or styles or an explanation of knitting needles, or maybe even gift ideas for the avid knitting.  My point, in those areas you are helping your fellow knitters by providing a valuable service.

That service is called: Expert Advice and puts you squarely into the expert industry.

Now, would probably start to tell me that there are hundreds maybe thousands of people offering advice about those things and the world doesn’t need another knitting showing how to make things.

and I say… NOT TRUE.

BUT, that’s not where you’re going to make your money anyway. You’re right there are a lot of free tutorials in MANY areas, and unless you actually tap into an area that is under serviced, you will probably be giving your advice and information out for free. So, how do you make money?Turn Your Hobby Into Online Income

Well… my friend, this is where Affiliate Marketing comes in.   Affiliate Marketing is how very large companies re-imburse smaller companies (like you and me) for telling people about their products.

Once of my most successful Affiliate Marketing online companies is a coupon website.  I run and all I do is provide weekly coupon posts from several different coupon providers and I earn money every time someone clicks on the coupon.  It’s good honest work.  It’s also very easy work, where I am really well compensated.

So, let’s go back to my knitter idea, let’s say you have a knitting blog, well, I know for a fact that Micheals, and Joanne fabric and all have affiliate programs where you would earn a percentage of each purchase that was initiated through your website, but the best, absolute cream of the crop is the Amazon Partner Program.

Are you still with me? Are you starting the see the possibilities?

“I want to help you get sorted and I want to show you the PROPER path to Getting Started Online!”

Turn Your Hobby Into Online IncomeMe personally, I have always been frustrated by the sheer number of scams and products out there.  In fact, I prefer to be able to try something before I have to pay for it.  That is why on my site, you will see that I only recommend products/services that have are either completely free or free to try before you pay a dime.

Think of it like Apple products.  Before you buy an iPad Mini, a Macbook or the Latest iPhone, you get to go into your local Apple Store and try out the products for no charge.  If you are happy with the product, then you will buy it.  If the product under-delivers, then you won’t even consider buying it.

That is the exact reason that I recommend that you try ONLY products that will give you an inside look and let you touch and feel their products before you give them even a PENNY of your own money.