6 Ways ANYONE can earn ONLINE Revenue

6 ways anyone can make money online

TRUTH: Anyone can make money online

TRUTH:  Not everyone does


I’ve been teaching bloggers how to make money online for the last 10 years and I’ve seen some very successful blogs and some not so successful blogs.  Blogging isn’t for everyone, but it is for ANYONE. You see, the only people that don’t succeed at making money online are the ones that treat online income like a lottery ticket.  You know, they expect to write a few posts and become famous and wealthy overnight.  No one get’s wealthy online like that.  All of the “over night successes” can be traced back to years of training, studying, writing… whatever. 

6 ways anyone can make money online

One of my favorite “overnight success stories” is JK Rowling… It took her 7 years from first getting the idea for the book to getting it published. AND she had an agent!  So, while it seems like Harry Potter came crashing onto the scene and became an overnight success, the facts don’t support that.

Making money online is not like winning the lottery… it’s more like spending time each day doing something that you love… that builds an audience and creates multiple streams of income.

Your online money all starts with a social and interactive website.  A BLOG. Blogs are now more then just personal journals out in the cloud, they are engaging websites with information, instructions, memberships, communities and information.

The fact is, there are no short cuts to creating a good blog, you have to put in the time. You have to write regularly and you have to provide quality information.  If your information isn’t top notch, then your audience won’t come back. They won’t seek you out… your audience won’t grow.

Another TRUTH is about believing in what’s possible.  Most people refuse to believe that a blog can earn revenue online without having a product to market and sell.  They fail to have the vision to see the opportunities that the internet provides.  Turning your passion into income has never been easier to understand or achieve.  Creating an authentic and heart centered place online to share your vision, your talent, your information is only one step towards creating online revenue.

The most important step is understanding how ANYONE can tap into the multiple streams of creative cash.  Understanding what’s possible, will help you be able to see the opportunities available. 

Here are the 6 Ways Anyone Can Earn Online Revenue

  1. Google Adsense – Google will pay you when people click on ads placed on your site.  They The Process to Earn Money ONlineonly allow 3 ads per page, so it doesn’t look spammy or scammy… and they do all the heavy lifting by only displaying ads that the person is interested in seeing.  (Free to Join)
  2. Affiliate Marketing – There are literally thousands of companies that offer affiliate commission opportunities.  Chances are if you do any online shopping that store you use offers an affiliate opportunity. So, if you join and write about their offers or just put their link in your sidebar widget, you get paid when someone clicks through.
  3. Online Webinars – Webinars are great tools for online income, but even better tools for education and relationship building. Most people that charge for webinars have a hugs pre-existing list of clients or an established audience.  However, educational webinars is a lucrative business and once started and up and running have relatively low overhead.
  4. Memberships – like online webinars, membership websites are great places to provide education and rather than needing to charge a huge amount the cost to provide the instruction or training is spread out over many people.  This is a great opportunity for teachers and instructors to create a place of learning and instruction for a specific topic, tool or process.
  5. Amazon – Amazon offers so many opportunities, whether it’s the partner program where you get paid commission when your audience clicks through a link you post on your blog about a product review, or if you list a product as a seller. (My 2 favorite ways … no way, 3 favorite ways to leverage Amazon is their partner program where they pay me commission, and their kindle author program where they pay me royalties… and createspace which is part of amazing and they pay me too)
  6. Coupons. Believe it or not, I make the most money with my printable coupon sites. Companies that provide printable coupons (i.e. grocery or product coupons) pay per click or print job when you provide the coupons and your audience prints them.

These are 6 ways anyone can make money online.

Yes, there is a trick… the trick is traffic, and at the very beginning I had a combination of great domain name, and posting tenacity. I am calling it posting tenacity because that’s what it was, I really needed to sit down every morning and post coupons. Write about coupons and then share those posts on social media.  However that “hard” work has really paid off, and now I only post to my coupon sites once a week… (sometimes once every 2 weeks)

6 ways anyone can make money onlineI also have the analytics setup that show me when my audience is most likely looking for coupons as well as the analytics that show me what kinds of coupons they want … and when.  All of these things help me provide a better service for my audience. AND all of these things are also available to the average person.

If you’re interested in learning more about setting up a thriving online business check out Creative Cash System.  It’s a new instructional website just getting started and they are accepting a few people into the program FREE, to give it a test run!


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  1. I have never heard of the coupon site that makes money. How does this work? Is this almost like an affiliate program? Or do you just find the coupons online? I have never heard of it before so any pointers or tips would be great!

    • HI Kurtis, yes Coupon sites ALL make money and YES it is like Affiliate Marketing. And like Affiliate Marketing it is free to sign up. My websites: (www.crazycouponwoman.com and http://www.imprimircuponesgratis.com) specialize in grocery coupons from coupons.com, but there are other services that offer coupons too. Replum and more. The nice thing about coupon websites is that they are usually always popular! 🙂

  2. I love that: “Blogging isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone.” I just recently started my own blog, and you are correct it is a lot of work but it is also a fun learning process. I appreciate the different ways you mentioned. I never heard of using coupons as a way to earn money. That is really interesting. I will check out the link you provided.

  3. Thank you so much for this great article! I am building a website right now and this is really helpful to know how to turn a passion into a real, income-producing business online.


  4. I hear about Online Webinars for the first time.

    What sites are better for learning more about it and what would be the potential of monthly income?
    I really want to know whether I can get my efforts worth or not.

    • One of the best ways to learn about webinars and how they speak to you is to really observe how other people in your industry are using them. I will say, there are basically 2 kinds of webinars.. the live webinar and the recorded webinar. The recorded webinar is really just a video that that is placed in a way that it looks like a live webinar. Videos are engaging and encouraging. Having said that… The BEST Intruction by example I can give you is found here: Clickfunnels… this guy is a genius

  5. Thanks, what about freelancing. There are a lot of writing jobs out there. Also, if you can develop websites you can make some very decent money at it too. I used to develop sites for businesses. However, once I discovered affiliate marketing 9 years ago. I did quit building sites for people because I make a lot more money with affiliate marketing 🙂

    • Yes, thanks for pointing that out. The dream is always to freelance and get paid for writing, the reality of freelancing as a writer is a little different. And, to be honest, while I fancy myself a writer because I write (a lot) when I publish, I hire a team of editors because… punctuation challenges me. There are really gifted and talented people that are writing and selling and writing some more and selling, my article is really geared more towards people like myself. Maybe not such a talented writer, but certainly someone filled with ideas to share. Because… while I believe that Anyone can be a writer, I don’t believe that everyone can be a great writer… however I think everyone can make money writing.

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