Six Tips to Turn Your Hobby Into Income in 2017

Turn your hobby into online income 2017

Before we get started down that road about turning your hobby into income, I want you to take a moment and understand the difference between what you are currently doing to earn a living and what you would be doing if you were participating in a hobby.  A hobby is generally something that people personally enjoy, perhaps they are naturally good at it, but most importantly, hobbies are things we “choose” to do.

So, before we go further, it’s important to understand the concept of choice.  Without getting too far into the spiritual or mystical climb-up-on-a-mountain-to-meditate we need to acknowledge that we CHOOSE HOBBIES.  In this day and age, our work, and sometimes it seems like most of our life, is built out of necessity.  We are reacting to the needs or perceived needs in our life, where as hobbies are generally those moments Turn your hobby into online income 2017

when we say, “I have had enough of doing what I have to do, now I’m going to take some time and do what I want”

Second then we need to discuss before we go further… it can’t be about the money.  When we sit down to work out how to make money with your hobby, your initial inclination will be:  Now, what can I do that will make me money.  THAT’S WRONG.  You need to first figure out what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at doing, what you could do for hours without noticing the time passing. THEN we’ll talk about how you can turn those hours into a money making opportunity.

According Phyllis Mufson a Career Coach who was interviewed in a article (click here to read the whole article) she says “A hobby you really enjoy can be an important part of choosing a career because your hobby is a window into what you love and value and do most naturally, which are all important components of a career where you’ll flourish.”  That is the key.  Understanding what you LOVE, VALUE and DO MOST NATURALLY.

Now that you understand WHAT a hobby is, and how it feels to be doing a Hobby versus a job, let’s look at the top 6 ways that you can turn your Hobby into online income in 2017.

  1. Write a “How to Book” for Amazon Kindle.  The great news about writing a book for Amazon Kindle is that the “book” can be anything from 5 – 500 pages.  Kindle books are digital and as a result aren’t as greatly influenced by the number of pages or size, but rather more influenced by the information and the reviews.  I remember reading about a person that was making $30K a year on a 15 page “How to build an ant farm from scratch” tutorial. The 15 page “how to” book was only $2.99, and the author only need about 200 purchases a week to earn the $30K a year.
  2. Sell or Create or Import What you Love.  Truth be told, this is probably the “go to” when people think about making money with their hobbies and I’m putting it in the list, but I will tell you that although it’s very easy to create a website and there are even great places to sell your products like Amazon and Etsy, you still need traffic.  And most of the time you will need to create the same product over and over.  So, if your hobby is creating “one of a kind” of anything, it’s a little more difficult to get noticed and make money. Not impossible, just a little more difficult. However, you can start making money with your website using tools like Google Adsense, and other Affiliate programs.  That will help support you while you are busy with the marketing of your product.
  3. Fix, Repair or Appraise. This particular idea for Turning your hobby into online income isn’t going to apply to every hobby, but there are a lot of hobbies where you can enjoy doing what you love and help other people. Take classic cars for instance, or motorcycles, or jewelry, or houses, or antique furniture!  Do what you love, and allow other people to pay you to help them with the things they own. I personally know at least (2) people that make a living off of hard to find car parts.  They enjoy obtaining them, and selling them on ebay.  (The great thing about ebay is the built in mechanism to finding things that sell for top dollar! **but that’s a different article)
  4. Teach Others How to or About Your Hobby. Like writing a book for Amazon Kindle, holding workshops or teaching classes is a great way to do what you love and make a living.  I know a personal trainer that started her journey for personal reasons, then found that she was so good at it, and enjoyed it so much, that she turned it into a business.  You can do that with everything from mindfulness and meditation to knitting and photography.  Imagine setting up a workshop at the local library where you spend 1 hour a week teaching 15 people how to “do something.”  Each person pays you $10.00 a class, that’s $150.00 for that one hour!  Now imagine doing that twice a week, or with 30 people!
  5. Teach Others the Business of the Hobby.  This is actually my forte. One of my hobbies is web design, and one of my favorite topics is how to make money without any products.  I think over the last 15 years I have done everything from Candles to Home Decor, and while I didn’t mind selling the products, it turned out I really enjoyed getting the products online, getting that web presence and making those online sales.  So, I turned my hobbies (candle making, jewelry making and sewing) into the business of helping other crafters get their businesses out there and online and making money.  I guess you could say I’m a specialized online marketing expert. The truth is, it’s much easier to get out there and work towards promoting someone elses product then you own… (but that’s also another article about how we stop our own success… boy I have a lot of writing a head of me)
  6. Start a Membership Group or Community. By far the most popular and lucrative way to turn your hobby into online income is to start a membership community.  A membership community is where members pay a monthly fee for access to the information that is provided on your site.  The key to a successful membership site is value.  Your offer needs to provide value that far surpasses the actual cost for membership.  So, hypothetically, if your hobby was knitting and you wanted to start a knitting membership site, you would need to provide information, services or instructions that far exceed the members expectations.  I expect you could show them how to knit, how to turn their knitting hobby into a business, how to gain access to discount materials, and/or a lot of other ways.  PERSONALLY, I experience a great deal of success with my tutorial websites, I enjoy recording instructions and posting them for my members only websites and you can too!

The best way to figure out how to generate income with your hobbies is to see how other people are doing it.  Take the time to watch webinars, research opportunities online and really look at what people are doing around you.  There is no reason to recreate the wheel, there is plenty of room online for everyone, there are millions of people in the world with online access, you only need a few hundred a week to make a steady online income.  See how other people are doing it, and mimic their success.  Your original voice and values and talent will shine through!

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  1. Great post, gave me a few ideas to start thinking about. You are absolutely right about not thinking about the money first, doing that is what often discourages people from continuing.

  2. Good read! I wish I had this information earlier.
    You are right. you don’t have to invent the wheel: you can also promote your hobby and promote products related to your hobby with Affiliate Programs.

  3. This post gave me a few ideas of making money online. I had tried out the Kindle Book way and making money off it is very simple and easy. You can publish a 15,000 word book for 2.99. And that’s the best part about it, is that there will be people wanting that book and buying that book. All about having your product and you expressed that without a doubt in your post.

    – Jason

  4. The biggest advantage to building your business around a hobby or interest is that you are far more likely to stay committed to it. Great tips about how to turn your hobby into profits.

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